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Mostly CSS slider with great performance.

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  • Native touch integration (draggable)
  • Native scroll integration (any peripheral — if it can scroll, it can use this slider)
  • Full HTML slides (any content possible)
  • Usable with native DOM methods like scrollIntoView()


This library is an opinionated minimal implementation of a common feature across many websites. To keep it small, there are not many fancy features and there is almost no error handling.

However, with a clear API and the use of a ES6 class, it can provide a useful base for custom extensions.

What this module contains:

  • Example markup for a scroll-snap slider
  • CSS default styling for a scroll-snap slider without scrollbars
  • ES6 class to slightly enhance functionality
  • ES6 class plugins for loop, autoplay, and desktop/mouse draggable features
  • TypeScript Typings


Here are the sizes of individual modules, using terser and gzip with default options. The size increase at bundlephobia between v2 and v3 is due to the entrypoint changing from 'ScrollSnapSlider' to 'index'.

Item minified (terser) minified + gzipped
index 348 B 143 B
ScrollSnapAutoplay 1479 B 559 B
ScrollSnapDraggable 2531 B 778 B
ScrollSnapLoop 1849 B 615 B
ScrollSnapPlugin 70 B 110 B
ScrollSnapSlider 2336 B 806 B


This library only handles sliders on the X-axis.

For more "fully-featured" implementations, go to:


npm install scroll-snap-slider 

yarn add scroll-snap-slider


The class provided in this package augments a slider with a few events and methods.


You can add whatever markup inside the slides.

<ul class="scroll-snap-slider">
<li class="scroll-snap-slide">
<li class="scroll-snap-slide">


@import 'scroll-snap-slider';

Additional Styles

Prevents page navigation on horizontal scrolling, i.E. on macOS. [Support tables]

.scroll-snap-slider {
overscroll-behavior-x: none;
overscroll-behavior-y: auto;

Prevents scrolling past elements in the slider: [Support tables]

.scroll-snap-slide {
scroll-snap-stop: always;


If you do not want to add any additional behaviour, the JavaScript instance is not needed. This class dispatches several events and exposes a few methods, with which you can enhance your slider's behaviour.

Default behaviour:

import { ScrollSnapSlider } from 'scroll-snap-slider'

const element = document.querySelector('.example-slider')
const slider = new ScrollSnapSlider({ element })

slider.addEventListener('slide-start', function (event) {`Started sliding towards slide ${event.detail}.`)

slider.addEventListener('slide-pass', function (event) {`Passing slide ${event.detail}.`)

slider.addEventListener('slide-stop', function (event) {`Stopped sliding at slide ${event.detail}.`)

Advanced config:

import { ScrollSnapSlider } from 'scroll-snap-slider'

// Do not automatically attach scroll listener
const slider = new ScrollSnapSlider({
element: document.querySelector('.example-slider'),
scrollTimeout: 50, // Sets a shorter timeout to detect scroll end
roundingMethod: Math.round, // Dispatch 'slide-pass' events around the center of each slide
// roundingMethod: Math.ceil, // Dispatch 'slide-pass' events as soon as the next one is visible
// roundingMethod: Math.floor, // Dispatch 'slide-pass' events only when the next one is fully visible
sizingMethod (slider) {

// with padding
return slider.element.firstElementChild.offsetWidth

// without padding
// return slider.element.firstElementChild.clientWidth


You can add one or multiple of the available Plugins:

  • ScrollSnapAutoplay: Automatically slides at a given interval
  • ScrollSnapLoop: Sliding past the last element shows the first without sliding to the start (and vice-versa)
  • ScrollSnapDraggable: Drag the slider with your mouse. Note: this does not affect mobile behaviour and is not necessary for touch sliding.
import { ScrollSnapSlider } from 'scroll-snap-slider/src/ScrollSnapSlider.js'
import { ScrollSnapAutoplay } from 'scroll-snap-slider/src/ScrollSnapAutoplay.js'
import { ScrollSnapLoop } from 'scroll-snap-slider/src/ScrollSnapLoop.js'

const element = document.querySelector('.example-slider')
const slider = new ScrollSnapSlider({ element }).with([
new ScrollSnapAutoplay(1200),
new ScrollSnapLoop

Creating your own plugin:

export class CustomPlugin extends ScrollSnapPlugin {

* Pass any config here
* @param {*} config
constructor (config) {

this.config = config

* Chose a unique plugin name. If you need multiple instances of the same plugin on a slider, each must return a unique id.
* @return {String}
get id () {
return 'lubba-wubba-dub-dub'

* Attach listeners, fetch DOM things, save reference to the slider
* @param {ScrollSnapSlider} slider
* @override
enable (slider) {
// TODO method stub

* Free resources, remove listeners, ...
* @override
disable () {
// TODO method stub


Method Description
slideTo(index: Number): void Scrolls to slide at index.
addEventListener(...) This is a shortcut for slider.element.addEventListener(...).
removeEventListener(...) This is a shortcut for slider.element.removeEventListener(...).
attachEventListeners() Enables the JS behaviour of this plugin. This is called in the constructor.
detachEventListeners() Disables the JS behaviour of this plugin.
destroy() Free resources and listeners. You can/should do slider = null after this.


Events dispatched on the slider's element:

Event Name Event Detail Type Description
slide-start Number Dispatched when sliding starts toward slide at event.detail.
slide-pass Number Dispatched when sliding passes (crosses the threshold to) slide at event.detail. The threshold is defined/altered by the roundingMethod.
slide-stop Number Dispatched when sliding stopped at index event.detail, i.e. the last scroll event happened before scrollTimeout ms.

You can use the proxy methods addEventListener and removeEventListener to listen to them.

Public Properties

Property Description
slide: Number (read only) Currently active slide.
element: Element (read only) The element passed into the constructor.
scrollTimeout: Number Timeout delay in milliseconds used to catch the end of scroll events.
plugins: Map<String, ScrollSnapPlugin> Map of plugins enabled for this slider


Check out the support tables for CSS scroll snap. Note that it's up to you to inject or add vendor specific code.

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